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List of litterature:

Over the years, I´ve got my hands on several books on the subject of blacksmithing and knifemaking. The list below is just stating author, title and one, two or three stars. Actually, I haven´t stumbled onto a book that has been bad so far, so the marks would stand for good, very good and outstanding in terms of usefulness & educational value. Most of these books have been bought through the Amazon.com Internet Bookstore.

Book title: Author: Mark: Comment:
The Complete Bladesmith Hrisoulas *** Very instructive
The Pattern Welded Blade Hrisoulas ** Inspirational - not for the beginner
The Master Bladesmith Hrisoulas ** Dito
Colonial Wrought Iron Plummer *** Lots of pics on colonial ironware
The Complete Modern Blacksmith Weygers *** Covers almost everything.
A Blacksmithing Primer McDaniel *** Basics, very instructive
The Art of Blacksmithing Bealer ** A classic, maybe not so easy to digest for everyone
New Edge of The Anvil Andrews *** A favourite - really instructive
Professional Smithing Streeter ** Locks etc
Hydraulic Die Forming.... Kingsley ** Techniques for stamping shapes in iron and other metals
Art Deco Decorative Ironwork Clouzot ** Need inspiration? Lots of pics.
The Blacksmith Watson ** Forges, bellows, items for carriages etc
Practical Blacksmithing Richardson * Reprint, interesting.
Practical Projects for the Blacksmith Tucker *** One of my favourites! If you can find one, buy it!
Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork Schiffer *** Advanced, many pics & how-to´s
Farm Blacksmithing Drew * Reprint, interesting
Practical Blacksmithing & Metalworking Blandford *** Also a favourite.
Metalwork for Craftsmen Kronquist ** General metalworking
The Complete Metalsmith McCreight *** General metalsmithing, very instructive
In Swedish:
Järnsmidesboken (The Blacksmithing Book) Enander/Norén *** Great book! If ever translated to English, get it!
Klassiskt Järnsmide (Classic Blacksmithing) Enander/Norén *** As above.
Japanska Svärd (Japanese Swords) Yukawa ** Fascinating technology.
Gör dina egna knivar (Make Your Own Knifes) Thoresen ** Instructive book on knifemaking.