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Here is a selection of things I´ve made as well as pictures from events. Gallery 1 contains candleholders, jewelry and miscellaneous things. Gallery 2 contains pictures from Iron Age markets and similar. Click on image for an enlarged version (30-80kb). Use your Back button to return here.

Candle Holders and similar:

4leggedcandleholder.jpg (63643 bytes) candlestick.jpg (22097 bytes) smallcandleholder.jpg (32670 bytes)         whimsicalcandleholder.jpg (74520 bytes)      
A small four-legged candleholder A "candlesticker" A very simple candle cup design An odd bird...
ljusstakeglaskopp.jpg (59135 bytes) ljusstaketreben.jpg (99689 bytes) wallcandleholder.jpg (98434 bytes) wallscone.jpg (22300 bytes)
Votive candle holder with glass cup Three legged candle holder for large candles Wall candle holder Wall scone
necklace3spirals.jpg (47535 bytes) bracelets.jpg (37614 bytes) pendantknot.jpg (36150 bytes) pendanttwist.jpg (47900 bytes)
Pendant with three sun spirals - one of a kind item A couple of bracelets - the upper is forge welded. An iron knot pendant Another pendant...
spiral.jpg (35104 bytes) wolfstooth.jpg (33356 bytes) thorshammer.jpg (38642 bytes) trollkors.jpg (33372 bytes)
The sun spiral. Wolf tooth pendant The hammer of Thor -see how to forge it under TechStuff The "Troll Cross" - a protective pendant according to Swedish folklore
serpent.jpg (35072 bytes) presentask.jpg (42068 bytes) tumring.jpg (29200 bytes) smyckepilspets.jpg (67666 bytes)
The serpent pendant Jewelry items are delivered in a nice package.... A thumbring - impossible to get it to rust. Arrowhead pendant
armringliten.jpg (48151 bytes) armringmellan.jpg (83540 bytes) armringstor.jpg (88862 bytes) mantelspannelitet.jpg (86697 bytes)
A small armring... A somewhat bigger armring... ... and a big one! Pennanular (also called fibula) - used by many cultures. Common among vikings and celts.
dorrklapp.jpg (72171 bytes) dinnerbell.jpg (63174 bytes) dorrhandtag.jpg (8708 bytes) oppnarefyrkant.jpg (43795 bytes)
Door knocker, model from Kalmar Castle Dinner gong A door handle Bottle opener, square iron
   openers.jpg (28486 bytes) toarulleshallare.jpg (88838 bytes) cauldron2small.jpg (19909 bytes) longshiphanger.jpg (50805 bytes)
Bottle opener, round iron. See how to forge it under TechStuff.. A toilet tissue holder Cauldron - design inspired by the Mästermyr find Hanger "Longship"
smallbowlwithspoon.jpg (49805 bytes) leafhooks.jpg (28774 bytes) ladle.jpg (47701 bytes) ladledetail.jpg (25502 bytes)
A small bowl with spoon A couple of leaf hooks in two sizes A good sized ladle to accompany the cauldron above Touchmark - detail from ladle (ULF in runes)
nyckelring.jpg (43271 bytes) fryingpan.jpg (12019 bytes) ladles.jpg (18164 bytes) kvinnikniv.jpg (35180 bytes)
A leaf keyring A frying pan of an authentic model from the Viking era Another couple of ladles A "womans knife" - a common name for this utility knife
edsring.jpg (54178 bytes) trefot.jpg (64157 bytes) facklavaggljusstake.jpg (17242 bytes) edsringar.jpg (43159 bytes)
Oath ring, see more about its meaning and use under "Symbols". Tripod and cauldron. The tripod is similar to finds from the Osebjerg ship. A wall torch and a scone A couple of oath rings
runstenadelso.jpg (28688 bytes) birkaassja.jpg (34401 bytes) signature.jpg (7540 bytes)
A runestone from Adelsö close to Birka. An authentic forge model, from a Birka exposition during the summer of 2002 Another view of my touchmark.