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Here is a selection of things I´ve made as well as pictures from events. Gallery 1 contains candleholders, jewelry and miscellaneous things. Gallery 2 contains pictures from Iron Age markets and similar. Click on image for an enlarged version (30-80kb). Use your Back button to return here.

Iron Age market in Körunda, Aug 12-13 2000:
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Smith and assistant forging away. Just keep on hammering... Something nice cooking... The happy smith has made a scroll!
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The Iron Age Longhouse The whole family behind a table full of merchandise. A lot of people around the forge. Nice music from the time period could be enjoyed.
Iron Age market in Körunda, Aug 19-20 2001:
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The smith himself The smith´s assisstant The smith´s wife The smith´s daughter
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A lot of merchandise!! More music! Many skilled people participated - here runes are carved. Chosing is difficult...
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Tents with market participants This is the smithy! Woodcarving handicraft for sale. Hilda and Turid selling nice clothing.
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The gods were called upon now and then. The smiths´s assistant taking a break Forging ahead.
Iron Age Market in Körunda, Aug. 17-18 2002_
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A lot of goods for sale this year too. The smith in action. The smith´s assistant did a lot of forging himself, too..... ...and produced several nice items.
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The kids are getting older for each year - which I´m not...... The weather gods were in a good mood these days. Woodcarving handicrafts Sale in progress.
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The oath ring came to immediate use in a lecture on Norse ways and Asa gods The viking group Balder in full action. Authentic music was offered by this very skilled musician.